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Detailed SPEC
This machine is specially designed for polishing surfaces of round steel tubes. It can remove the rolling traces left from the rolling process and improve the apperance of the products. The automated design offers 4-16?selective sections which can polish sandy surfaces and smooth surfaces to meet high-quality requiremen.
Main Spindle Head(#)80#
Central Height of Main Spindle Head(mm)340mm
Oil Pressure Claming Head(inch)8inch
Knife Table Travel(mm)副滑座:60mm*主滑座Y:120mm(油壓滑座)*4SET
Moving Speed of Knife Table(M/min)12M/min
Server Motor of Spindle(HP)5HP
Reversing Speed of Spindle(rpm)2~3000rpm
Oil Pressure Motor(HP)2HP*2
Oil Pressure Pump(L)30L*4
Knife Carriage4
Server Knife StandNO
Automatic Feeding有(含連線機構)
Caterpillar Shoot Discharge-CutterNO/鐵屑筒
Oil Pressure Reversing CylinderRH-125
Water Pump1/8"HP
Remark 1依工件而定
Remark 2依工件而定
Remark 3滑座可選購NC十字擳式滑座*2SET
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