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Company Profile

    Having accumulated plenty experiences and knowledge for many 
decades, Longel not only has complete background and information 
in planning the Factory Automatic Equipment but also devotes on 
researching, design and developing Automatic Connection of 
Machinery, Apparatus and Automatic Transferring Mechanism.  

    In these years, we also put a lot of efforts to assist 
important NC manufacturers on developing the field of Automatic 
Transferring Mechanism as to reach the eventual goal from 
customers by saving time and personnel expense with achieving 
the request of rising production capacity at same time.

    Longel sincerely invite your company to cooperate business 
with us in the future, please feel free to contact with us if 
you have any comment or demand on Automatic System.  Your opinion 
is valued by us and it is our enormous pleasure to provide wealthy 
service for your company at our best.
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